5-Month Program

The PFD Academy 5-Month Program will not only teach each student the study skills they need to compete on the collegiate level, but on a weekly basis each student is shown how to implement each valuable skill into their everyday academic life. Not only are they shown how to implement but held accountable on a weekly basis.

Program Facts:

  • PFD students have an average GPA of 3.5 or higher after being in the program for 1 year or longer.
  • 85% of all PFD graduates that attended PFD for 3 years or longer were accepted into a 4-year university and held a 3.0 GPA or higher beginning in their freshman year.

Program Length

  • 5 month programs begin the second week of January until the end of May.
  • Students meet once a week for 2 hours.
  • Saturday classes are periodically assigned for various reasons. PSAT/SAT practice tests, High School Exit Exam practice test and/or homework help/tutoring.


  • Class location will be determined by the number of students that register.

Program Cost

  • PFD Academy is $150 registration fee (registration fee includes 1st month tuition) plus $100 tuition fee per month.

How to Get Started

  • Fill out application wizard at bottom of page and select 5-Month Program.
  • PFD Academy will call you to set up a phone interview.
  • Complete registration packet and pay tuition.

  • Program Syllabus


    • Week 1: First Day of PFD - Welcome-PFD Rules
    • Week 2: Effective Agenda Use
    • Week 3: Effective Note-Taking


    • Week 4: Study Skills and Habits
    • Week 5: Test Taking 1 & 2
    • Week 6: Test Taking 3 & 4
    • Week 7: Reading Notes part 1 - Grade Check


    • Week 8: Reading Notes part 2
    • Week 9: Character Development
    • Week 10: Reading Comprehension - Grade Check
    • Week 11: Proofreading part 1 & 2 - PSAT/SAT Practice Test


    • Week 12: Procrastination 1 & 2
    • Week 13: Procrastination 3 & 4
    • Week 14: Easter (No Class)
    • Week 15: How to Ask Questions - Grade Check


    • Week 16: Critical Thinking
    • Week 17: Effective Listening
    • Week 18: Group Discussions
    • Week 19: HW Help - Grade Check - PSAT/SAT Practice Test
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