About PFD academy

You ask, what is PFD?

PFD Academy is a systematic approach to educational reform for students to excel beyond their own expectations. It is a back-to-basics path to educational excellence. PFD has been proven to work time after time for the past 20 years

PFD instills the tools necessary for each student to succeed on the highest level of the educational platform.

The program teaches students to strive for excellence, not perfection. It demands self-accountability, educational and personal responsibility from each student. For PFD to be successful each student must not only “do” the program but it is necessary that they “live” it.

PFD has an amazing way of exposing every student’s strengths and weaknesses. It is up to each student and their parents to not only recognize these attributes, but to acknowledge them. When weaknesses are identified, we put together a plan to make them stronger so weaknesses do not define the child. We take the strengths and show each student how to use their strengths to take them to unimaginable levels of achievement.

Why does this process happen?

PFD increases the desire to succeed within students by giving them the tools to take more demanding classes, without the stress that goes with those demands. It is not a motivational program but rather a program that develops a strong internal drive to be exceptional.

For the past 20 YEARS, this award-winning program has been proven to work time after time. Preparing for a Degree works for every student accepting whom and where they are on an educational and personal level and willing to improve in both areas.

Preparing for a Degree has helped hundreds of students to college to date. The only question remaining is will your student add to that number?

Sean L. Washington, Founder of PFD Academy has developed very unique study techniques that have been proven effective. Students who utilize these techniques have increased their grades as well as their CAT Scores. Students are fully prepared to succeed in middle school and beyond.
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