Small Group Program

Small groups will consist of 3-5 students only. Groups will meet once a week for 3 months at an agreed upon location. Small group demands self-accountability, educational and personal responsibility from each student. PFD has an amazing way of exposing every student’s strengths and weaknesses. It is up to each student and their parents to not only recognize these attributes, but to acknowledge them. When weaknesses are identified, we put together a plan to make them stronger so weaknesses do not define the child. We take the strengths and show each student how to use their strengths to take them to unimaginable levels of achievement.


  • 4 Times a Month for 3 Months
  • 90 Minutes each Session

Small Group Objectives:

  • Schedule PFD around student’s hectic schedule.
  • Meet at agreed upon location.
  • Student’s receive individual attention
  • Teach students how to be students.
  • Approach education with a different mindset.
  • Learn to complete assignments without being told.
  • Teach and practice self-accountability.
  • Improve grades and scores.

S.G. for Students

  • Evaluate student’s LEARNING STYLE.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the student’s STUDY SPACE and implement changes to increase daily production.
  • Develop effective AGENDA USE by using “Do and Due” system.
  • Understand the difference between “DOING HOMEWORK” and “STUDYING”.

S.G. for Parents

  • Meet with each student and his/her family to ESTABLISH goals and needs.
  • Provide monthly grade checks and EVALUATIONS on child’s progress.
  • COMMUNICATE with teachers and parents about upcoming assignments.
  • MOTIVATION techniques that work.
  • Utilize POWERSCHOOL/online grade sites to help your child.
  • Support for your OVERWHELMED, stressed-out child.
  • Will learn and understand how to IMPLEMENT PFD rules and techniques into your student’s everyday lives.

Program Cost

  • Tuition is $300 per student $150 at registration and *$150 on or before 6th week.

How to Get Started

  • Fill out application wizard at bottom of page and select Small Group Program.
  • PFD Academy will call you to set up a phone interview.
  • Complete registration packet and pay tuition.

  • Program Syllabus

    All meetings begin with:
    • Brain Teasers
    • Word du Jour
    • Etymology
    • Weekly Words

    Month 1

    • Week 1: PFD Expectations-Intro to Brain Teasers, Etymology, Weekly Words
    • Week 2: Effective Note-Taking
    • Week 3: Effective Agenda Use (Do & Due Planner)
    • Week 4: Study Skills and Habits

    Month 2

    • Week 5: Test-taking 1 & 2
    • Week 6: Test-taking 3 & 4
    • Week 7: Reading Notes
    • Week 8: Effective Listening

    Month 3-Character Development

    • Week 9: Critical Thinking
    • Week 10: Making Decisions
    • Week 11: Procrastination Part 1 & 2
    • Week 12: Procrastination Part 3 & 4
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