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“One of the tenets of success is going the extra mile. For a student in today’s educational system, gaining extra knowledge is a necessity. The PFD workshops of note taking, testing taking, and the Do & Due Agenda use are the tools that will help any student succeed not only in school but in life. It is extra time well invested.” - Frank Barry, Former Charter School Principal

“Hanna’s high school teacher is convinced that her organizational and study skills is due to being in PFD. She watches her take math notes and is amazed that she has 5-6 pages of notes for each math class compare to the 1-2 pages of other classmates. She is impressed with her agenda, which not only identifies the work that needs to be accomplished, but personal appointments as well. At her first parent/teacher conference her teacher told us, "I don't know what to say. She is an excellent student, works very hard, is very organized, and is a role model to her peers. She is well-respected." I think this reflects PFD's focus on academics and character building, something that other programs do not offer. PFD Academy is not only teaching our children how to be better students; it’s teaching them how to be better people.”

Joy Hoffman, daughter Hanna, Freshman Cal State Fullerton

"I have seen a tremendous difference in the work PFD Academy has done with my daughter over the last year. She is a more organized and knows what needs to be done. Her agenda is completely color-coded and she highlights her assignments and tasks. I feel we are very fortunate that she is in PFD because she has not only lifted her grades but her self-esteem. I find her growth over the last year has been amazing and appreciate Sean's encouragement along with mine in reaching her academic goals. Thank you Sean!"

Yvette Porras, Daughter Lauren 6th Grade

“PFD Academy has helped me so much in school and at home ever since I joined the program. PFD has also helped me become a better person by doing things without being told. The techniques that I have learned for test-taking has helped me tremendously in getting A’s on all my tests. PFD helps all types of students whether you are struggling in school or getting a 4.0 GPA like I had when I entered the program. PFD teaches you things about academics and life that are never taught in school.”

Branda Bui, 9th Grade, Garden Grove

“In the turbulent waters of academia, PFD Academy is a lifeboat that allows you to stay floating and keep on course despite whatever comes your way. PFD is the life-changing program that guarantees smooth sailing to college and beyond.”

Evan Green, 8th Grade, Whittier

“PFD’s note-taking system has helped me a lot. I now go back and read over my notes instead of trying to remember what the teacher said in class. I take an average of 3 pages of notes in class. Before I entered PFD, I would not even bother taking notes. I have started getting much better grades just by taking notes. It helps you to prepare and study for tests. Note-taking has inspired me in a ton of ways to succeed in school and in life. PFD has changed my life. Thank you.”

Tracy Tran, 7th Grade, Garden Grove

“Note-taking helps me to stay focused and I learn so much more than just sitting there and listening. I learn the teacher’s explanation and the way the book teaches you too. Taking notes makes it so much easier to study because I do not have to reread the book repeatedly. I feel I learn more by taking notes because the information is more organized and easier to understand. This not only helps me now, but will also help me in high school and then into college. I am not going to college……………………I WILL BE GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE!”

Madison Glozer, 5th Grade

“Just wanted to let you how much Danelle and I appreciate the ways in which you have helped Abby. She was a disciplined student before she started PFD two years ago, and all of her skills have improved. Scheduling, through her agenda work, note taking skills, confidence in her work and in herself. Our stress level at home for her and I have been greatly reduced while doing homework. WOBT.... (Without being told) is a wonderful concept. That alone deserves special thanks. The talks that you and I have had about Abby, and both of our ideals, have been very beneficial. She is growing in and out of the classroom”

Ralph Thomsen parent of Abigail Thomsen 5th grade 4.0 GPA – Principal’s List

“PFD is our single greatest resource for our son's academic success. Individually tailored to build on each student's strengths, the program is teaching him the study and time management skills that not only are currently helping him succeed in school, but will benefit him for the rest of his life. I dearly wish I could have taken a similar course in grade school instead of having to master these skills on my own in college”.

Paul Green, parent of Evan Green 8th grade 3.5 GPA – Principal’s List

“Last year I observed many of my 3rd and 4th grade students who were in the PFD program. I observed that these students and their parents needed to take the program seriously. The first year the students spend a lot of time learning and practicing the skills in the PFD program. This year the same students that have continued in the PFD program and have committed to advancing in education are showing consistent improvement in their academic work. Every quarter I notice these same names on HONOR ROLL AND PRINCIPAL’S LIST.”

Pat Dupler, 3rd & 4th grade teacher, Trinity Lutheran School

“Learning to keep a written agenda is the best tool students can use to manage all of their responsibilities. They always know where to go to find out when and what assignments are due. The planner is especially helpful in learning how to properly plan for long-term projects. The students in my classes who have taken PFD have developed great organization skills, personal initiative in completing work, and they go beyond the minimum to do their best work. This is just one of the many tools that are taught in PFD on a weekly basis. If your student is planning on graduating from college in the future, then I would highly recommend this program because this program is specifically designed for students on college track.”

Ms. Felton, 5th grade teacher, Trinity Lutheran School

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