Weekend Workshops

PFD Workshops: Middle and High School

    Would you like to:

  • Become a better test-taker?
  • Take effective lecture notes?
  • Develop a system to succeed in school?
  • Eliminate “missing assignments”?
  • Remember without being reminded?
  • Manage time by properly using agenda?
  • Proofread their work to check for mistakes?
  • Be more focused in school?
  • Study smarter not harder?
  • Understand the importance of an education?

If you checked any of these questions then you must attend the PFD workshops!

Weekend Workshops

  • $45 per Student, per Workshop.
  • Group Discounts available upon request.
  • 15-25 Students required to Schedule a Workshop.
  • Use our Application Wizard below to sign up for workshops.

Note-Taking Workshop

Study Skills & Habits Workshop

In-Depth Test Taking Workshop

Effective Agenda Use Workshop

Reading Notes Workshop

Procrastination Workshop

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